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Radiologists Consultation

Our radiologist are available for consultation when onsite during clinic hours. For most diagnostic imaging appointments, you will be given your results and an opportunity to ask questions. If you feel that you need more time to consult with a radiologist, you may schedule a separate appointment.

For screening mammography appointments, same-day results can be requested at the time of your service but are not guaranteed depending on the number of scheduled diagnostic appointments.

Calculating Your Risk

When you receive a breast imaging study through Santa Barbara Women’s Imaging Center, a risk assessment is automatically calculated based on your answers to our breast imaging questionnaire (regarding family history, number of prior breast biopsies, age of menarche, age of pregnancy, etc).  You will be notified, either in person or through the mail, if you are a candidate for high risk screening MRI.  The risk calculator we use is broad reaching.

If you feel that your family history is complicated to warrant a more thorough assessment, we offer a more sophisticated risk assessment.  This is performed in consultation with one of our technologists who will ask for a thorough family history.  After the calculations are complete, your results will be reviewed by the physician on site who may refer you for genetic testing through a genetic counselor.

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