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Santa Barbara Women’s Imaging Center has resumed a full menu of services as of Monday, May 4.

We will begin gradually catching up on the backlog of postponed and rescheduled screening and diagnostic exams. Due to our use of diligent protective measures including patient spacing, our overall capacity per day will be somewhat decreased from “usual”. Please understand we will do our best at scheduling your exam in as timely a manner as we can under the circumstances; please note the “stat” cases will be given a higher priority.

We will continue to minimize waiting time and perform as much of the check-in process by phone as practical. People other than patients are discouraged from coming to our office unless it is to assist a dependent child or adult; those with patients will be asked to wait outside our office. Patients need to arrive wearing face-covering (or mask), and we will not see persons with fever or symptoms suspicious for Covid-19 disease. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.

If you have any questions, please call us: 1 (805) 560-8111

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