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Breast Cancer Risk

What are the risk factors for breast cancer?

Tomosynthesis /3D Mammography

What is Tomosynthesis?
Why is Tomosynthesis better than Standard Mammography?
What are the data?
Is there additional radiation?
I have dense breast tissue, is this the right exam for me?
Can I have a standard mammogram at SBWIC?
Will my insurance pay for this exam?


Do I really need to get a mammogram EVERY year after age 40?
How often do I need a mammogram?
What is computer-aided detection/CAD?
What if I have breast implants?


What is Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound (AWBU)?
What is the Cost of Whole Breast Ultrasound?


What type of biopsy options are there?

Bone Density Testing

What is DXA?
What are the risk factors for low bone density?
If my bone density is low what can I do to correct it?